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Crude Oil:

Capital Energy Solution dedicated to the global commercialization of oil. We work with other brokers, agents, small, medium and large companies, corporations and governments. We work fast and very hard while paying attention to detail to achieve satisfaction for both buyers and sellers.We have access to potential oil sellers of genuine Saudi Light Crude Oil, SLCO, Iraqi Light Crude Oil and Nigerian Bonny light crude oil, BLCO. We also have access a host of petroleum product sellers in the industry to broker or facilitate the buying and selling of Saudi Light Crude Oil, Iraqi Light Crude Oil, BLCO, D2 diesel, JP54 Jetfuel, Mazut, REBCO etc.

Capital Energy Solution brokers (facilitates) for buyers and sellers of crude oil, we trade and deal directly with End-Buyers such as reputable and willing oil buyers or oil refineries that have the available funds to purchase Nigerian Bonny Light Crude oil, BLCO, Saudi Light Crude Oil, Iraqi Light Crude Oil, D2 Diesel oil JP54 Jetfuel, Mazut 100, REBCO and more. We also deal with Mandate Holders and intermediary brokers. We avoid long broker chains that slow the sales process. The buyers and sellers that we deal with are usually reasonable in their expected sale procedures. We have procedures that quickly connect up end-buyer and end-seller brokers or facilitators to speed up the buying process.

If you are a buyer of Nigerian bonny light crude oil, Iraqi Light Crude Oil, Saudi Light Crude Oil or a seller and need our services, please use the information below or the form on the right to contact us and we will get back with you quickly.


Infromation regarding barite coming soon.

Guar Gum:

Infromation regarding guar gum coming soon.


Vacuum Trucks

Infromation regarding transport services coming soon.

Frac Sand:

Capital Energy Solutions is a leading independent supplier of raw materials, chemicals and logistics to the oil and natural gas industry. The company's operations are concentrated from the Eagle Ford Shale through the Gulf Coast and extend into Louisiana. CES holds interests in nearly 6.5 tons of Frac Sand, with over ninety percent undeveloped. This deep inventory of opportunities in premier North American growth plays will provide stable production and a platform for future growth.

D6 Diesel Distribution:

Infromation regarding D6 Diesel distribution services coming soon.